Simatic S7 400 (AUTOMATION)
Part Number Qty cond
6ES7 400-1JA01-0AA0 2 New
6ES7 405-0DA01-0AA0 1 Refurb
6ES7 407-0KA01-0AA0 1 Refurb
6ES7 407-0KA01-0AA0 1 Refurb
6ES7 412-2XG00-0AB0 2 Refurb
6ES7 412-2XG04-0AB0 1 Refurb
6ES7 414-2XG01-0AB0 2 Refurb
6ES7 414-2XG03-0AB0 1 Refurb
6ES7 414-2XG03-0AB0 3 Refurb
6ES7 414-2XG04-0AB0 1 Refurb
6ES7 414-3XJ00-0AB0 1 Refurb
6ES7 416-2XK02-0AB0 7 Refurb
6ES7 421-1EL00-0AA0 17 Refurb
6ES7 422-1FH00-0AA0 20 Refurb
6ES7 422-1FH00-0AA0 1 New
6ES7 431-0HH00-0AB0 4 Refurb
6ES7 432-1HF00-0AB0 2 Refurb
6ES7 441-1AA03-0AE0 1 New
6ES7 441-1AA04-0AE0 1 New
6ES7 441-2AA01-0AE0 2 Refurb
6ES7 460-0AA00-0AB0 1 Refurb
6ES7 460-3AA00-0AB0 1 Refurb
6ES7 461-3AA00-0AA0 2 Refurb
6ES7 461-3AA00-7AA0 1 USED
6ES7 470-0AA00-0AA0 2 Refurb
6GK7443-1EX01-0XE0 1 Refurb
6GK7443-1EX02-0XE0 2 Refurb
6GK7443-5DX03-0XE0 1 Refurb
6GK7443-5DX03-0XE0 1 New
6GK7443-5FX00-0XE0 1 Refurb
6GK7443-5FX01-0XE0 1 Refurb
6GK7443-5FX02-0XE0 1 New







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