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Send by e-mail the Siemens part number you would like to purchase with your full address and we will send you the total $ of the item(s) with the shipping cost. If everything is OK we will send you the item(s) in the next days, please specify if you require rush overnight delivery. E-mail us at: sales@ssurplus.com

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ssurplus.com Company was created with the idea of serving all companies from the small automation contractor to the big industrial corporation.

Having an electrical business myself we always had difficulty finding electrical components (often obsolete) needed to restart a production line or machine while trying to minimize downtime.

We often searched on the web or with all kinds of distributors and end up paying way too much for a part that was needed quickly and sometime without having necessary technical assistance on how to install or program it.

Many times we bought automation equipment at ridiculous prices and see them on internet auctions for a fraction of the price a few months later. Internet auctions can be a good way of buying or selling electrical components but often the product that is being sold is not in demand or the product needed is not available at that specific time.

Our companies target is to become the largest network of used and new siemens automation equipment where sellers can sell there items to someone who really needs it, and buyers can find what they are looking for when they need it the most.



Stephane Sarrazin